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What do yellow foods have to do with the solar plexus?

Welcome to the solar plexus, located at the navel or just below the sternum. and associated with the color yellow. It signifies your identity, your power, and your will. When the solar plexus is in alignment you are full of confidence, inspired, and proactive about pursuing goals, making time for self-care, and personal relationships. When blocked, you are on the complete other spectrum, you feel powerless, total lack of ambition, and a feeling of being lost or not knowing your place in this world. When you have an overactive solar plexus, qualities like manipulation, obsessiveness, or controlling come out.

To realign your chakra, ask yourself these questions:

What 3 things make you happy? Are you doing any of these things? If not, why?

Do you have any current goals you are working towards? What are they and what are you doing to make moves on them?

What drives you? What is the inspiration that keeps you going? Remember these things often and be grateful.

IF you don't have any goal, work with the things that make you happy and move forward from there. It is time to make time for your life plan.

What we fuel ourselves with can have an effect on the way we show up in the world each day. The foods that nourish our bodies with energy, and provide healing and immune boosting properties are the foods that allow us to show up as our best selves each day. The solar plexus is associated with the color yellow and therefore so are the foods that you can focus on to bring your inspirations and dreams to life. Foods like lemons, great for maintaining good pH balance in the body and provide you with immune-boosting vitamin C, turmeric and ginger, miraculous for their anti-inflammatory properties, yellow bell peppers and yellow summer or winter squashes for their vitamins, minerals, fiber, and hydration. Fruits like pineapples and bananas, both good sources of potassium and vitamin C. I have attached a recipe that I use often and encourage people to try, it is super simple to make and could become a new staple in your home.

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