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Monthly Holistic Advice from Plant Based Potential

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Truly good health means that your mind, body, and soul is being nourished properly, not only with food, but with our thoughts and overall well being. Whether you are aware of it or not, you possess something within you referred to as chakras. When they are in balance we feel good, in tune with ourselves and our surroundings. When things are out of balance, we can feel a range of things from anxiety and depression to feeling powerless with a serious lack of ambition. When we become more aligned with our chakras, we can find more harmoniousness in our lives, things will flow better and you will have a new confidence and sincerity about who you are and what you are doing. I wanted to share with you the root chakra, the base of all levels and associated with the color red and keeps you grounded with the physical world. When in balance you feel secure in your situation, homey, safe, you can let the small stuff slide off your back and keep moving forward without hiccup. When blocked you might feel that anxiety or depression I mentioned or you might be worried relentlessly about something like finances, health, or other everyday things that probably don't deserve that much attention.

If you find yourself down this road (I know many of us do from time to time) try these foods to bring your root chakra more into balance.

- Tomatoes with balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar

- Strawberry, raspberry, and red apple smoothie with an inch of fresh ginger root

- Beets - Try my BBQ burger (Beets, Beans, & Quinoa) or add in beet powder to your smoothies or tea

- Stuffed and roasted red bell peppers

- Baked and loaded sweet potatoes

Avoid these foods that might agitate or exhibit signs of a blocked or out of balance root chakra.

- Red dyes & other artificially colored foods

- Processed sugar such as soda, sweet teas, baked goods and sweets

- Caffeine from energy drinks, coffee or tea.

Exercise is always and forever one of those things that will be incorporated in your journey to health. So while you're there, switch it up a little and take a break from the norm and try these exercises to help your root chakra out.

- Work in the garden

- Do yard work, pulling weeds, mowing the grass, trimming, cultivate the dirt for planting

- Go for a long walk in the park or in nature somewhere

- Ride your bicycle through the park or on a bike trail

Finally, what your inner thoughts are, is what you are manifesting. Create a list of things you say when you are being hard on yourself and then write down the opposite of that comment. This is your new mantra every time you catch yourself saying that negative thing, you change the thought in your mind. For example:

- "I can't" is changed into "I can!"

- "I don't know how" to "I can learn"

- "This _(situation)____sucks!" to "How can I make this better and more efficient for my time and everyone else's?"

- "I have no time" to "I have plenty of time"

You can make sticky notes with mantras, positive quotes, words of courage to yourself, or everyday gratitudes, and post them on all the places you would look throughout the day. Your bathroom or bedroom mirror, refrigerator, computer or car, whatever it takes for the words to stick in your head for you. We are our own worst enemies and it's up to us to start by acknowledging that and consciously changing it. May all the love and support you need be with you on your journey, whatever that might be. Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoy the BBQ burger someday. I would love to hear your experience with the different binding options and textures.

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