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Foods in the Color Blue and Throat Chakra Talks

Hello Friends,

I can't believe another month has already come and gone, the good thing is that fall is just around the corner! This month is the second to last chakra I have to go over with you and I have to admit that writing these messages is somewhat therapeutic for me too, so I appreciate those of you who read and continue to receive these messages, thank you. I want to start out by saying that it seems pretty obvious what the throat chakra stands for, but perhaps it is not what you think? Yes, this has to do with your voice, but it's deeper than that. It is your inner voice, the intuition voice, the other voice inside of you that sparks up when emotions run high. This inner voice speaks your heart's truths, which leads me to ask you; what are your heart's inner truths? Are you kind to others, better yet... are you kind to yourself? What do you believe in? Do you stand behind it wholeheartedly? Are you using your power of voice to stand up for the things you believe in? Do you communicate your feelings and allow for feedback and understanding? The key concepts of the throat chakra are Communication and with balance includes actively listening; Expression, to be your true authentic self; Honesty, speaking your heart's truths; Voice, to say what you feel, and Purpose, to pursue your passion.

The throat chakra is associated with the color turquoise or blue and so when we think of foods we lean towards those blue hues such as blueberries and black berries, also include coconut water, herbal teas, and raw honey to bring you and your chakras into alignment and balance. Coconut water is really great for you, super hydrating, full of electrolytes vitamins, and minerals. You can use coconut water in your smoothies, blend with fresh ginger and lemon juice, or drink plain, it is all delicious. Berries are a great antioxidant and help boost your immune system with their antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Seriously, you have no excuse not to include these in your diet as a regular staple in your breakfast or snacks, these are natures desserts and natural healers. Please enjoy this blueberry chia seed fusion as a morning boost that includes all those goodies that come packed in your berries and protein packed chia seeds.

As I close this months chakra I want to leave you with thought, consider three different people you could have turned out to be, one better, one worse, and one living your dream? Who are you and what are you doing? These are your quantum realities, the one you should be living is the one where you get to follow your dreams. You alone have the power to make moves on what your inner heart's truths are telling you, you may not know what that is yet, and that ok. Turn off the background noise for a little bit and just listen and allow your thoughts to process, your truths will speak to you.

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