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Welcome to Plant Based Potential

Health and Wellness Coaching Paired with Cooking Classes 

Come get a taste of plant-based eating with interactive cooking classes and make the transition complete with health and wellness coaching. Learning new culinary skills, intuitive eating, well balanced meal plans, and exercise and workout plans tailored to meet you where you're at. 

Upcoming Cooking Classes

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Vegan Ceviche 


Hello, I am Delia

    A graduate from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts as a certified holistic nutrition and wellness practitioner. I studied holistic nutrition because I wanted to share the knowledge and healing properties that plant-based foods have to offer, and I took a culinary course to apply those foods into every dishes. I want to take my passion for food and knowledge of holistic nutrition to help others achieve their health and wellness goals. My aspirations are to show you how to make overall healthier choices by inspiring creativity in the kitchen and providing the tools needed to make lasting changes. For you to experience the flavor of quality foods while making strides towards improving your health.    

Health & Weight Loss

 Coaching Services 


Personal Health and Weightloss Coaching 


- Initial introduction meeting

- Goal setting & accountability

- 2-week meal plans


-Optional personal cooking classes

- Tailored exercises

- Open communication

- Exit/accomplishment meeting


3-Month Program 

- New meal plan every 2 weeks

- Weekly accountability check-ins

- Tailored exercises

- Text/call availability during business hours


Cooking Classes

Optional add on: Up to 3 personal cooking lessons


- Includes all ingredients

- Tools (food processor, knives, slicers, etc. 

- Recipe printouts

- Transportation to your location(within Tucson city limits).


A healthy well-balanced diet doesn't have to be super complicated. It also doesn't have to be boring and tasteless. Give this meal plan a try and if you like how you feel, contact me for more information on coaching services.  

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Discover a whole new world of foods.

The question of what people eat when they eliminate meat and dairy from their diet is asked fairly often, thinking that there is a limit to the amount of palatable foods that can be enjoyed without these ingredients. With Plant Based Potential we will be exploring different ways to prepare some of your favorite comfort foods vegan style, low sodium, gluten-free, and sugar-free. Get hands on in the kitchen and make your own amazing creations with guidance throughout the cooking experience offering advice on preparation, knife techniques, cooking styles, and other tips to get you though the recipe smoothly. 


"My life has changed in a positive way thanks to Delia’s guidance. Learning different ways to incorporate healthy foods into my diet, and how to be proactive has definitely helped my life in so many ways. I feel more energetic, happier, and full of life."
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