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Plant based cooking classes promoting natural healing and lifestyle changes.

Explore cooking with a variety of fresh plant-based whole foods and learn to become an intuitive eater and the chef of your kitchen. Whether you are here for new recipes or improvements towards your health, you will have fun with this interactive cooking and learning experience and walk away with a new staple dish as well as some tools to help you stay on your path to wellness. Good health starts here.


The Vegan Movement

Don't get left behind without an option

Ask me about bringing new plant-based options to your restaurants menu. Let's get together and collaborate to bring nutritious and delicious food to all your customers making this new life-style possible for everyone to transition into and enjoy.


Hello, I am Delia

   When I went plant-based, I discovered a whole new world of foods and the variety in my diet expanded to new lengths. The potential that these plant-based whole foods had to offer was new, intriguing, and a fun discovery. I know that food has a lot do to with our health and I want to help people achieve their health goals while also showing them that you don't have to sacrifice flavor or traditional favorites to enjoy healthy food that also satiates you.

   A graduate from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts as a certified holistic nutrition wellness practitioner. I studied holistic nutrition to be able to share knowledge about the healing properties of specific foods and took a culinary course to apply those ingredients into everyday dishes. I want to bring my love of creating delicious, healthy, and plant-based recipes to everyday people who are looking to change things up in their own kitchen and experience the flavor of quality foods while at the same time making strides towards improving their health. My goal is to inspire creativity in the kitchen and with that, allow you to begin to experience your healthiest life; reconnecting with foods in a new and exciting way.

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There is More...

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." 
- Walt Disney


Discover a whole new world of foods.

The question of what people eat when they eliminate meat and dairy from their diet is asked fairly often, thinking that there is a limit to the amount of palatable foods that can be enjoyed without these ingredients. With Plant Based Potential we will be exploring different ways to prepare some of your favorite comfort foods vegan style, low sodium, gluten-free, and sugar-free. Get hands on in the kitchen and make your own amazing creations with guidance throughout the cooking experience offering advice on preparation, knife techniques, cooking styles, and other tips to get you though the recipe smoothly. Discussions about health and wellness will be themed with the food that is being prepared. Discover delicious new dishes and a new relationship with food.


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 Making Tofu Tempeh & Seitan

The benefits of plant-based protein sources include reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity by providing you a nutrient dense source of protein.

Turn bland and tasteless tofu, tempeh, and seitan into something savory and fulfilling. Easy flavorful marinades and different cooking styles for varied textures.

Available for personal cooking classes, group, or one on one zoom meetings. 


Getting Down with Whole Grains

 For weight loss, the prevention of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Preparing different types of whole grains that you can incorporate into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Creative and flavorful recipes that will put your refined grains in the past and bring on healthy new sources of filling carbohydrates.

Available for personal cooking classes, group, or one on one zoom meetings. 


Kale Creations, Pesto Sauces, and Other Delicious Herb Flavored Dressings

Find out how to make leafy greens and flavorful herbs a part of your everyday meals and or beverages.

Leafy Greens and Herbs

How often are you really getting the proper servings of greens into your life? Fiber, folate, plus packed with numerous vitamins and minerals. Eating more leafy greens can reduced risk of metabolic disease and be a great aid in digestion.


Taco Tuesday

Who says you can't enjoy plant-based  vegan tacos?

Who doesn't love tacos? We are bringing plant-based vegan tacos to the next level.
Traditional flavors and all the same toppings.
Available for personal cooking classes, group or one on one zoom meetings.




"Delia inspired me to switch to a plant-based diet. She quelled my fears and apprehensions about the stigma that comes with such a lifestyle change by constantly providing caring advice regarding recipes, shopping choices, how to read nutritional labeling and also pointed out the changes and gains I was making to keep me motivated."

Mark Maldonado