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Third Eye Chakra and Amazing Recipes

Hello again friends,

We are finally coming up on winter and it is cram packed with tons of stuff to do. Crazy how our lives here in the desert come awake in the winter time. Of course, it is due to the great temps we get to experience in the Arizona desert. This is the best time of year to be outside and enjoy nature's perfect beauty. Between our glorious sunsets and our purple mountains we have the most picturesque landscape in the whole county (that's just my opinion). In other parts of the country, Summer is the time to play in the sun and get outdoors to enjoy lakes, forests and green grass, either way we should take a few extra moments to admire whatever nature is outside our door.

The third eye chakra is located just between the eyebrows, some suspect in the pineal gland of the brain. It is our intuitive source, it is our access to psychic abilities. We unconsciously all access this chakra in our dreaming states and imagination. We tap into it when we manifest our surroundings (unknowingly?). When you find yourself in a state where you and your third eye chakra are in alignment the harmony you experience comes with an expanded sense of clarity. It's that inner, inner voice that tells you everything is going to be ok and that everything happens for a reason. That inner, inner you is able to pick up on subtle clues and vibes that initiates that voice that speaks to you. This is the true you, the unique, authentic, individual self, unfortunately not a lot of us are well acquainted with this part of ourselves. Sometimes we need to shut off all the background noise and listen and observe. It is my belief that this is the best way to allow access to your third eye chakra.

This month and all of life you should practice being present with your food. No distractions, no television, no cell phones or laptops allow yourself to experience your food. Smell your food, taste the flavors, feel the textures, set your utensil down in between bites. Why? Because eating intuitively helps you process food in a more harmonious manner. By taking the time to eat without distractions we feel those intuitive cues that start in your gut and then tells your brain you're full. When you consider what you really want to eat rather than just grab and go all the time, you will likely choose more nutritious foods, all these things helping to lose or maintain healthy weight. Because the third eye is associated with the color indigo or purple, try these recipes rich in purple hues and savory flavors.

The hearty red cabbage steaks are delish, get a little char on the outer edges and you are in heaven.

The Baked eggplant is going to surprise you with its amazingness! I know you have reservations about it, but this recipe is pretty damn good.

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