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Healing the Sacral Chakra

Hello Friends,

I hope you all had a good long memorial weekend and are recharged for the next few months of Summer heat. Last month I wrote about the root chakra, this month I am tuning into the sacral chakra, located just below the navel and associated with the color orange, that also represents the rising sun and the element of water. The sacral chakra is known to be our driving force, the spark within us that ignites our passions, desires, pleasures, and creative energies. When we are in alignment with our sacral chakra, our relationships are healthy, our creative energies flow with ease, and our passions are driven by a propelling force within us. If you are not feeling this energy, it is ok, we all at one point or another will go through misalignment and rough patches of our own. Times when you feel defeated, unmotivated, emotional and lost, can all be signs that you are off alignment. When our sacral chakra is blocked we are driven by our unpredictable mood swings, there is a serious lack of ambition or enthusiasm for things that once brought us pleasure and gratification, depression and anxiety haunt us with irrational feelings of fear or shame. Not to worry however, there are things we can do to overcome these obstacles of low energy flow and restore the aspiration and purpose that drives us. Because I believe that our overall health encompasses the body, mind, and soul, these practices can be incorporated in your life at any given time as a way to fight off the negative inner thoughts that can haunt us from time to time. The following are ideas for bringing your sacral chakra into alignment: Create positive affirmations for yourself. Write them out things such as "I am passionate" , "I am a creative being", I have boundaries that protect me", "I am fulfilled in my passions", "I embrace change as a healthy parts of life", I have abundance of creativity", "My emotions are in balance". These affirmations should reflect where you want to be in life and when you catch yourself in a negative thought cycle, pull out the card of affirmations to repeat to yourself, remind yourself where you want to be. Make time to enjoy the things you love, I have said it before and I will continue to always say it, you need to make time for YOU. What do you enjoy doing? Painting, reading, writing, hiking, camping, yoga, crafting, building? If for some reason you are not sure what makes you the most happy, ask someone close to you. What am I doing when I seem the happiest to you? Think on it and make moves to take action on your self-care and practice this habit always. Consume healing foods, because the sacral chakra is associated with the color orange and the element of water, focus on orange colored foods that are also hydrating and nourishing to encourage the flowing of energies and nutrients throughout our bodies. Carrots, mangos, oranges, orange peppers, peaches, apricots, and sweet potatoes are just to name a few foods. You can roast carrots or eat them raw, make a mango salsa or just eat it out of the original packaging, make a fresh fruit bowl, bake and then stuff your sweet potatoes with beans, rice, fresh herbs, and drizzle a sauce over the top. Follow this link for a carrot, ginger, turmeric smoothie OR.. Try this really simple salad that is amazing. Complete with a fiber package fully loaded with vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, folate, magnesium, vitamin C, A, K, B6, E and more.

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