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Crown Chakra and Overall Health and Wellness

Hello Friends,

Another month has come and gone; I hope you all had a great Halloween. Now we are switching gears into the holiday season, and I know how busy that becomes for a lot of people. That is why I am taking a short break from hosting classes out of the Catalyst until the holiday season is over. I do have some things coming up though, so I don't have completely idol hands. This coming Sunday November 5th I will be doing a free cooking demonstration at the Natural Grocers on the Southeast corner of Broadway and Kolb behind the Starbucks at 10am. For those of you who missed my vegan nachos and Tacos class, this is your chance to come and check out the process of how to make these meat substitutes and pick up a recipe. The walnut taco meat is going to change the way you think about whole foods potential and open your world to new healthier options in the kitchen. I also have one more spot available in my Bring Your Own Crockpot Vegan Pot Roast if you are interested you can reach out or follow this link to make your reservation.

Today's message is on the last chakra in the body, it is the crown chakra, it is essentially our "tuner" that with the proper application can access the stage of enlightenment or river of knowledge. It resides just above our heads and acts not only as a receiver but also a sender, sending our thoughts and feelings in a frequency out into the universe. This chakra, when you are in alignment with it (which is likely very seldom) would provide you insight to what some would call the One, God, the Universe, or whatever you call your higher power. These insights might provide comfort during tough times, reveal your purpose in life, or bring you an overwhelming feeling of happiness and contentment. There is likely a lot of quieting down that needs to happen in life for us to experience these insights, and there is no one food or special thing that I can tell you that can help you achieve the level of the crown chakra. What I can tell you though is that the better you take care of yourself the more likely you are to get there. I found that when I went vegan or plant-based, the feeling you get when you really start feeling AMAZING, there is a sense of clarity and there is something that lights up inside. It is like the fog has finally cleared and now you can see. It is hard to explain it, but when you get there you will know, it's inspiration and strength, and drives you to achieve your desires/goals. The idea is to eat more fresh whole foods, eat less sugar, salt, and processed foods, and get regular exercise (no excuses). These are all the key points you need to know to get closer to your own crown chakra.

Because the crown chakra is associated with the color purple, try this eggplant recipe. I know eggplant can be difficult to make properly, I assure you this recipe is savory and delicious. Don't be shy to add your own seasons though, when you are eating whole foods

, you want to be generous with your seasonings. Cumin, paprika, coriander, fennel, rosemary, oregano... there is an endless supply of different seasonings out there. Tweak the recipe to work for your flavor pallet.

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