Whole grains cooking

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Creating delicious new dishes hands on, with guidance and technique to get you through any recipe smoothly. You will gain tools and support for your health journey, coaching for releasing weight and or making dietary changes, optional cooking assignments, and building a sense of community. 


    Please read this disclaimer before signing up for any classes operated by Plant Based Potential LLC. Cooking classes are themed towards the positive health benefits that certain foods can offer, however these recipes and foods are not intended to treat or cure any illness.

    During cooking classes, we will be using knives, food processors, blenders, mandolin slicers and other sharp kitchen tools and equipment. In the event that an accidental cut or injury is incurred plant based potential and its affiliates will not be held responsible for any medical costs involved.

    Clients will be questioned about potential food allergies, however if a potential food allergy, illness or injury is incurred by something that we are preparing, plant based potential and its affiliates will not be held liable for any medical costs involved.

    Class prices vary depending on what is being made check out what we are making


    Refunds will only be issued to those who provide a 48-hour notice to scheduled class date and time for a single class purchase. For those with a package plan a missed class can be substituted for another class at a later time if available online. 




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